Providing Interventions Throughout Scotland

ISM were founded in 2014 to provide interventions and training throughout Scotland. 

We work with individuals, community groups, local authorities and private care companies.

The services we provide are:

Charged with Drink Driving?

We are the sole Scottish providers of the drink drive rehabilitation scheme (DDRS) course. This is a government approved 3 session course that is offered to individuals convicted of a drink driving offence who have been deemed by the sentencing court to benefit from attending the DDRS course. Once you have completed the course successfully you will receive up to 25% off your driving ban.

Charged with drink driving?
Preventative drink driving

Preventative Drink Driving

We provide a 3.5 hour preventative drink driving course aimed at individuals who are legally entitled to drive a vehicle in the UK. By attending the course you will gain knowledge on drink drive legislation, processing of alcohol and reasons people drink drive to consider alternatives to this behaviour. This preventative course has been endorsed by the UK Government Certificate of Professional Competence, which may allow you a discount on private vehicle insurance.

Services for Young People & Families

We provide a range of assessments and interventions for children and adolescents who are finding life a little difficult. The assessments and interventions will be determined by a case formulation and discussed with the child and their parents. We also offer an 18 week therapeutic parenting course aimed at managing children’s behaviour in a therapeutic manner.

Services for Young People and Families
Residential and Foster Care

Residential and Foster Care

We provide a range of provisions for residential childcare and foster care services. This includes consultations and delivery of training. All our consultations and training are underpinned by psychological evidenced based practice. A training needs analysis will be provided for organisations who require bespoke training, while we have packages of training developed for those interested in developing knowledge around attachment, trauma and child development.

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