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Ionagh Southwell

On July 6th 2016 I was convicted of drink driving. I received a 1 year ban reduced to a 9 month ban with a self funded Drink Driving Education course (£150 + 3 days off work), a court enforced £750 fine and a criminal record for the next 21 years.

Scottish alcohol limit in breath for driving is 22 micrograms. English alcohol limit in breath for driving is 35 micrograms. My breath reading was 27 micrograms

I had a great night out in Nairn with my friends the night before and called it a night at 01.30 am and walked home to my parent’s house.
The next morning I woke about 10.00, had a cuppa with my parents and got a call to go and pick up a friend.
Long story short, a police officer tapped on my window and smelt alcohol so proceeded to take a breath sample.

I was taken to Nairn Police station, arrested, held for 2 hours and then taken to Inverness police station for the official breath test. Luckily for me the Station Sergeant at Inverness Police station didn’t put me in cuffs or a cell and released me that day on the condition I attended court when I was summoned to do so.

“I FELT FINE” that morning and was quite happy that I didn’t have a hangover. Don’t be fooled, you may feel fine but you probably aren’t!!

The Drink Driving Education course I did has taught my invaluable information when it comes to when am I safe to drive and the effects of alcohol in every aspect of life.

I recommend everyone does this course if you drive and are able to fund it, see below website or google ISM Psychological services and speak to Sharon or Martin

Christine Gutteridge

I attended the drink drivers rehabilitation course from 10 -12 March 2017. This course was excellent, it provided up to date information, presented in an interesting and informative format. I really liked the fact that the course was interactive, non threatening and gave ample opportunity for questions. I attended a DDRS course 6 years ago and this course was 100% better. I would highly recommend this ISM course. Thank you.

Stu Gough

I recently attended 3 sessions with Martin and Sharron with regards to a drink driving conviction. Although apprehensive of the sessions initially, the group were made to feel very comfortable by
Martin and Sharron in a relaxed informative environment. I would like to thank both for their advice and making the 3 days fly by. The group were able to have a good laugh and learn from each other.

Phyllis Cochrane

Having attended a three day course with Sharron and Martin of ISM I can’t thank them enough for their wisdom, knowledge and education regarding drink driving and the consequences that follow. The course was very informative and educational. There was a good rapport within the group. Apart from the serious side of things there was good banter between us all and I am sure I can speak for everyone when I say that a good time and learning issues were had by all. Thanks once again Sharron and Martin.

Mrs Robertson

My daughter clicked with Sharron immediately. I would like to thank Sharron very much for all her help and support in providing my 9 year old daughter with strategies and techniques to cope when dealing with anxious situations, which will also be valuable as she gets older. My daughter clicked with Sharron immediately – she was so open and welcoming and put my daughter at ease. We loved the age appropriate drawing approaches used, along with technology and I would highly recommend ISM psychological services for those who need support.

Stacey L

Sharron and Martin made everybody feel welcome from the start. Attended this course for 3 weeks in May 2016, felt very nervous about what would happen and expected to be looked down or made to feel worse than I already did, not the case at all! Totally taken by surprise and Sharron and Martin made everybody feel welcome from the start. Have definitely learned a lot and know 110% that I’ll never make the same mistake now that I have the knowledge and understanding of calculating units etc. Course was excellent and was so relieving to know I wasn’t alone. Sharron and Martin thanks for the support, good luck for the future!

Denise Hannah

I am 59 years old and I committed a crime by drink driving. I can never forgive myself for this as I could have killed myself or others. I have constantly beaten myself up for what could have been a disastrous mistake. The big nasty judge sent me on the ISM course to rehabilitate me. I’m so grateful to Sharon and Martin for showing compassion and understanding my dilemma at the time my arrest, which is a day that I’ll never forget. Through this course, I have the tools and education to never to allow this to happen again. The big lightbulb went on and I now understand what a unit is and how long it takes to get out your system. Big huge thank u to u both You have made my life so much easier and I now have a better understanding of alcohol and drink driving.

Brian Mckenzie

I can’t get over how little I knew about alcohol and the effects it has on us. Sharron and Martin made me feel at ease from the start. There were 20 people doing it and we all got on really well. It was well worth the effort and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle choices and get educated. It will certainly think of the units-time before driving after a night day out. Thanks again Sharron and Martin for making us feel at ease from the start.

JB Fox

Martin and Sharron did a top notch job in helping me understand more about drinking and driving. The coarse in Aberdeen was a real eye opener to me and left with a different mindset for sure. Keep up the good work. Two really nice people. Thanks guys.


I’ve just completed the course and it was worth attending, I’ve learned so much in the past three days. I was nervous at first but then everybody’s in the same boat! It was really interesting. I actually think they should make you sit the course as part of the driving test just so you know the consequences as everyone’s a little naive. I definitely recommend this course!

Kelly G

I highly recommend ISM and can assure there is nothing at all to be worried about.

I have just finished the Drunk Drivers Rehabilitation Scheme on a Saturday in Edinburgh and have found it amazing.

The initial fear and nervousness of what the course would be like was instantly eased as soon as I called to book with Sharron. She and Martin mentor the course and are among the nicest down to earth people I have had the pleasure to meet. I thought it would be 3 weeks of a solid telling off – it was quite the opposite!

The atmosphere is completely relaxed and the course work engaging and extremely informative. I believe my risk of re offending at a solid 0% thanks to their teaching and guidance on alcohol and its

The location of the course is situated literally 5 mins walk from Haymarket and the venue holder is very welcoming.

I highly recommend ISM and can assure there is nothing at all to be worried about and you genuinely will take away knowledge to assist you in the future and you may even make a few friends! Everyone is in the same boat as you from all walks of life. I have struck friendships with a few very lovely people I will keep in touch with.

Thanks again Martin and Sharron for everything over the last 3 weeks – I wish you both the very best; you’re doing wonderful things.

Marion Hannan

The course helped give me a better insight into why young people engage in risk taking behaviour. It also confirmed for me that i am doing all that i can to support the young people in my care. The Trainer was excellent and spoke on a level that I understood.

Elizabeth Liddell

I attended the one day course on Risk Taking Behaviour in Young People and really enjoyed the concept of the course. Although I have worked with young people for nearly 11 years now it is always good to continue with awareness of their development stages and why they take them. Sharon was very knowledgeable and supported everyone in the group, encouraged the group to talk about why they were there and share their concerns ect. Well worth attending.


I attended the Rehabilitation Scheme on the 3rd, 10th and the 17th of August 2015. I think this scheme is a fantastic delivery of awareness, knowledge and preventative measures to help assist people to change their behaviour in a safe and positive way. On the first day I did not want to talk about my own experience of why I was on the scheme, but after a few hours Sharron and the rest of the group were very supportive, patient and made me feel comfortable in sharing my opinions. I have learned so much from this course and will continue to progress and pass the knowledge onto as many people as I can. Sharron is an absolute credit to this scheme, her expertise, knowledge base and dedication goes above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much for your time, support and knowledge throughout this process.

MH - North Ayrshire Council

I really enjoyed the Applying Introductory Counselling Skills in Residential Childcare course, this will make me look at my practice when dealing with young people.


Absolutely fantastic service! My daughter has been visiting ISM for a few months now and the difference in her confidence and self esteem is phenomenal. Would recommend this service to everyone.

Joanne Brown

This service is outstanding I would most definitely recommend ISM to anyone needing support. My 11 yr old daughter needed advice , help , support with anxiety. I went to ISM who listened, understood, advised and supported us. We both learnt so much. This has helped my daughter understand and control her anxiety so much more that she’s like a different child for the better. I felt everything discussed was private and confidential and always in the best interest and age appropriate for my daughter. I would steer anyone looking for a psychological service to ISM. Keep up the outstanding work you do Sharron. Outstanding care and service. Thank you so much for all you have done for us onwards and upwards now.

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