Therapeutic Parenting Groupwork

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Parenting Groupwork

At ISM our skilled practitioners facilitate ‘Nurturing Attachments’, A Therapeutic Parenting Groupwork programme (Golding, 2014). This 18-session course is aimed at Nurturing Attachments between children and their primary caregivers. The course could be beneficial for Foster Carer’s, Kinship Carers, Residential Childcare Workers and Adoptive Parents. However, this is not exclusive and could be beneficial for any parents or carers who want to adopt authoritative parenting ideas to manage their child’s behaviour. Facilitators will teach Attachment and Developmental Trauma theories that help parents put these into everyday interactions with their children. To ensure this applies to everyday situations within your family there is a reflective component built into every session.

The programme has 3 modules, each structured with six sessions.

Therapeutic Parenting Groupwork

Therapeutic Parenting Groupwork Modules

Module 1 (Sessions 1 – 6) - Attachment Theory and Therapeutic Parenting

Provides an understanding of attachment theory, secure and insecure patterns of attachment and an introduction to therapeutic parenting.

Module 2 (Sessions 7 – 12) The House Model of Parenting – Providing a Secure Base

Introduces the House Model of Parenting while providing advice on how help the children experience the family as a secure base. Introduces the concept of empathy and attunement as process of building empathic capacities.

Module 3 (Session 13 – 18) The House Model of Parenting – Building Relationships and Managing Behaviour

Continues exploring the House Model of Parenting with consideration of how parents can both build a relationship with their children and manage their behaviour. Builds on understanding the PACE model (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) and how parents can apply this in everyday situations.



Golding, K. S (2014). Nurturing Attachments Training Resource. Running Parenting Groups for Adoptive Parents and Foster or Kinship Carers. Jessica Kinglsey Publishers: Philadelphia

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