Psychological Assessment

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Psychological Assessment Service

At ISM we always complete an assessment of need to aid formulation and intervention planning. We use a range of standardised assessment tools as well as structured tools that rely on structured professional judgement. Once we receive a referral and meet with the young people we will decide the most appropriate assessments to help understand the presenting issues.

Psychological Assessment

We can provide assessments for the following problems:

Who can Refer?

We accept self-referrals and professional referrals such as Social Work, GP’s and Education.


We accept referrals from all over Scotland and the North of England.


There is no fixed cost on assessments as this is decided on a case by case basis. Please complete the contact form or call to arrange a consultation.

Please complete our contact form or call to arrange a free consultation to discuss your assessment needs. Timescales for completion of work and production of a report will be discussed in the initial consultation.

Schedule a Consultation

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